• Exceptionally shiny, long-lasting and stable colour which does not fade. Guaranteed rich, deep, intense and long-lasting colours. Hair is soft, silky and hydrated. 


  • Perfect grey hair coverage. 


  • Blend of ingredients which hydrate deep down, repair the hair fibre and enhance the flexibility and elasticity of the hair. 


  • Viba Color is enriched with precious ingredients such as Argan Oil, which gives hair hydration, shine and elasticity, and Calendula Extracts which, with their anti-inflammatory properties, sooth the scalp and provide hair with intense hydration and protection. 


Product specifications: 

100g tube: highly practical with a 1:1.5 dilution ratio


Viba Colour Range include 60 INTERMIXABLE  SHADES:


  • 10 NATURALS   
  • Mix with fantasy shades for perfect white hair coverage.


  • Dark shade with an elegant blue highlight.


  • 3 IRISÉ 
  • For fashion results or to tone streaks.


  • Perfect for personalising every shade. 


  • Super light shades. To lift four and a half levels from the natural base level.


  • 5 GOLDS 
  • For truly classic blondes.


  • 5 BEIGES 
  • For a new blonde colour every time


  • 5 ASHES 
  • For the right touch of cool shades.


  • 11 REDS 
  • Intense reds, copper, violet, mahogany. Let the imagination run free with all these shades of red. 



    The most popular colours used to create elegant, distinctive looks. 



    Mix with shades to lift hair by one tone. 


    * Please note that colour may vary because of different screens and monitors.

11.01 Pure Ash Platinum

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