Curve-O: Leather Blade Protector.


Curve-O offers some of the most refined accessories that add to the charm of our craftsmanship. For Belgium, this range includes the following:

– Leather blade protector: indispensable and elegant leather casing that protects your Curve-O scissors from being damaged.


About Curve-O Brand:

CURVE-O, changing the way of cutting hair.


Eyes to the future, windows to the world: from the Flemish part of Belgium, Ludovic Beckers took off to absorb all cultures and styles of the globe like a sponge. An international career as hairdressing educator took him from New York to Bangkok, from Berlin to Rome, from Geneva to Buenos Aires.

His interactive shows were guaranteed to inspire the crowd and meanwhile, over 100 awards are under his belt. Ludovic has also created collections for Redken international, Sanke Academy Belgium and Curve-O.

Now he has come home, with the Curve-O Advanced Cutting Comb as the cornerstone of his extensive work.


Curve-O: Leather Blade Protector


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