Shaving Gel 150ml Tube


Morgan’s Shaving Gel for your daily shaving regime and the perfect addition to your shaving kit.

Achieve the ultimate professional barber quality shave with Morgan’s Shaving Gel.

A moisturising shaving gel that cushions, lubricates and softens the skin for a smooth, close shave. Helps skin retain moisture to prevent irritation and razor burn.

Clear silky gel allows the blade to glide effortlessly for a more precise, professional shave. An essential part of your shaving kit.  

Clear Silky Gel Moisturising and Soothing Contains Aloe Vera Ultra-Light Weight Formula  


Benefits: Formulated with Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel and Horse Tail plant extract to soften and protect the skin and hair follicles for a smooth, close shave. The moisturising effects of Aloe Vera are extremely beneficial for those who suffer with dry skin, eczema and acne as it easily absorbs into the skin and locks in moisture. Witch Hazel is a natural toner with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which help to prevent razor burn and ingrown hairs. Horse Tail extract is a brilliant source of goodness for the skin and hair and it carries anti-ageing properties, acts as a natural conditioner and promotes hair growth. Morgan’s Shaving Gel provides a clear silky gel that allows you to control the direction of the razor blade across the skin. Morgan’s Shaving Gel is excellent for those who have sensitive skin.   Star Ingredients: Aloe Vera Witch Hazel Extract Leaf Extract Horse Tail Leaf Extract  


How to use: Rinse the face and neck with warm water. Massage the shaving gel into the skin, working upwards from the base of the neck. Shave as usual. Rinse with warm water then old water to close the pores. Pat dry with a clean towel.


For Best Results: Use with Morgan’s Gentle Shaver and Morgan’s Anti-Ageing Aftershave Balm or Morgan’s Daily Moisturiser

Morgans Shaving Gel 150ml Tube


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