EVOLUTION BASIC HAIRBRUSH FOR NORMAL HAIR Hairbrush designed with special high-performance ionized bristles for hair of medium thickness. The Termix Evolution Basic hairbrush is the only brush designed to control this type of hair’s dehydration problems by combining the design of its tube and the amount and specific thickness of the ionized nylon fibers. It comes in a silver color and in several diameters depending on the desired and the amount of hair. FEATURES & TECHNICAL ADVANTAGES All the Evolution hairbrushes range have large diamond-shaped vents that increase in a 10% the tube surface, thus reducing by 30% the drying time process compared to a standard perforated. Its polytetrafluoroethylene coating has a large temperature resistance (up to 300ºC) and heat transmission. The non-stick nature of the tube prevents aerosol and other products from adhering. The ergonomic design of its handle makes it easy to use, even in a prolonged professional use. It is also made with santoprene, a soft and rubbery texture, for a non-slipping grip.

Termix Evolution Basic 28mm


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