These dedicated sliding scissors are created with a broad leaf blade design to use the well-known slice and slide techniques. Because we made one blade with a blunt 90° edge and one with a special sharpened cutting edge, these scissors will glide through the hair eff ortlessly! If you do a lot of slicing, on dry or wet hair, you must try this one.

Made from 440c Cobalt/Molybdenum alloy Japanese steel for high strength and maximum durability. All Cisoria luxury scissors come in a wooden presentation box please see product images.

All Cisoria brand scissors have smoother blades. These are harder to make and therefore in the higher price range, which is reflected in the professional cut and quality. All scissors feature a convex and concave cutting edge, a must for sliding, slicing and point cutting.

Luxury Line: OX625 Cisoria 6.25” Scissors

SKU: 7097625

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